Advanced Animation Techniques, Part Three

Continuing on with advanced animation techniques, this article delves deeper into editing options available for animation within Microsoft PowerPoint.

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In this article, we will learn how to:

  • Set animation options
  • Change the order of animations

Setting Animation Options

PowerPoint contains some additional options to further customize animations in a presentation. To start, select an object that has an animation applied to it. For this example, click the title text box on the first slide:

additional animation options

Next, click the Animations tab and click the option button option icon in the Animation group:

option button on animations tab

For this example, this action will open the Fade dialog because a Fade effect has been applied to the selected object:

fade effect

Note that the controls in this dialog depend upon the type of effect that has been applied to the selected object. Here, you can change path settings, sounds, and timing options. For this example, click the Sound menu and choose any sound:

change sound in control dialog

Once a sound has been selected, click OK:

click ok to select sound

The Fade dialog will close and preview the new setting. In this case, the sound you selected will play when the selected animation starts.

Changing the Order of Animations

You may have noticed that objects with animations display small numbers in their upper left-hand corners. These numbers (which are only displayed when the Animations tab is open) indicate the order in which animations will appear.

In the sample presentation, you can see that the fade for the title on slide one will appear first, while the fade on the subtitle will appear second:

fade order changed

To adjust this order, first select the object that the animation has been applied to. For this example, ensure that the title on slide one is selected. Next, click Animations → Move Later:

amend fade order

The order of the two animations on the current slide will change, with the title now appearing second and the subtitle appearing first:

animation changes

Click Animations → Preview to see how the new settings will look:

animation settings applied

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