Using Slide Masters, Part Four

This article is the forth part of our tutorial detailing how to use Slide Masters in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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In this Article, we will learn how to:

  • Use multiple slide masters in a presentation
  • Remove masters from a presentation

Using Multiple Slide Masters in a Presentation

If a presentation contains multiple sets of slide masters, the Layout menu will look a little bit different. However, the process of changing the layout is the same. First, select the slide(s) to which you want to apply the master. For this example, ensure that slide one is selected in the Slides pane:

Click Slides To Apply Layout

Next, click Home → Layout:

From Home Menu Select Layout

You can see that this presentation contains two different sets of slide masters that are organized by category. For this example, click Title Slide from the Ion category:

Select Title Slide

The selected slide master will now be applied to the selected slide:

Master Slide Applied to Slide Layout

Save the changes that you have made to the presentation and close Microsoft PowerPoint.

Removing Masters from a Presentation

Open Slide Master view by clicking View → Slide Master:

Remove Master By Opening Slide Master

If you do not need a particular slide master or layout, you can remove it entirely by deleting it. Note that you cannot delete a slide master or layout that is currently in use.

Let’s delete the Ion slide master from the current presentation. Select its top-level slide in the Slides pane:

Ion Slide Master Delete

Next, click Slide Master → Delete:

Click Delete Under Slide Master

The entire master set will now have been deleted from the current presentation. Save the changes that you have made to the presentation and close Microsoft PowerPoint.


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